LIGHTEU 24V LED Strip 4000K, 18W/m  (LEU240-24V-18W-40K97)
LIGHTEU 24V LED Strip 4000K, 18W/m  (LEU240-24V-18W-40K97)
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LIGHTEU 24V LED Strip 4000K, 18W/m (LEU240-24V-18W-40K97)

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Our Premium SMD2835 LED light strips are UL certified and feature a thicker, more durable PCB board for a greater life span, suitable for
professional, high end applications in architectural installations, stage productions, or anywhere in your home or business. They feature a peel and stick adhesive backing that can be mounted directly to most surfaces.
Super high lumen and bright enough for task lighting, but dimmable with HitLights compact plug in dimmers or dimmable drivers / dimmer switches,they're great for adding ambiance to ceiling coves or crown molding,
under kitchen counters or above a cabinet, lighting a vanity, or any other room you need decorative lighting or full illumination. These discreet strips feature closely packed LEDs for smooth, even light without spotting
Instructions :
Clean the surface you intend to stick the light strip to
Peel the backing strip from the adhesive tape?
Press and hold the light strip firmly against the surface
Plug your light strip into the your 24 V DC adapter, transformer, driver, or wall outlet power supply.
Controllable with HitLight LED controllers (include flashing, strobe, and other functions)

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